Our services

Yajur can help you to create your signature look. The outstanding home & office interior décor and design services includes - wall decors, accessory designs, products for a well designed home or office, to cater to all your creative needs. Our interior designing services also involves custom designed furniture and furnishings (viz. drapery rods, curtains, dining tables & chairs, sofas & cots).

Space Planning

Space is the vital element when it comes to home or office interior designing and interior decorating. Today people are very much conscious about home and office interior space planning and designing it accordingly. Keeping many things in mind, be it for health benefits or beauty, everybody desires to have spacious atmosphere in home and office. People have started considering changes in shape of the space to make the surrounding areas more impressive and appealing from both within and out.

People either straight away start from buying a proper space for building their dream home or office, or buy spacious accommodations or try some modifications in their existing dwellings. We provide solutions for all types of requirements, whether you are looking for a new plot or modifications in the existing structure.

Our Space Planning Solutions

We make small spaces look big, create the ambience more impressive, Create falceilings, modifications without altering your structural walls, Re-designing of an entire floor and create the feeling of more space. We convert ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments, for commercial, corporate, medical and retail operations.

Designing and Executing Interiors

Yajur has a reputation of delivering the very best in interior architectural design, interior office design, interior home décor and design, interior design project planning and every other interior designing and decoration assignment. Yajur associate is open to the idea of executing other architects designs also. We enhance the ambience around you and make it comfortable and beautiful for you. We understand the importance of your surroundings, the deadlines you have for converting them and the budgets that make it happen. We at Yajur make it all evolve the way you want it to.

Competitive Edge

Yajur has a team of well-qualified personnel and a disciplined management, which is outstandingly creative. We have attained thorough proficiency at providing total solutions and products for well-designed and well-furnished homes or offices, including custom designed furniture and furnishings like drapery rods, curtains, dining tables & chairs, sofas & cots. Yajur has highly skilled manpower for Carpentering, Electrical work, Painting job, fal ceiling work etc to facilitate execution of large turnkey projects.

Our vast experience in the field of interior designing, architectural design, and home & office décor has helped us refine our process. Our personnel are highly qualified and well experienced with a commitment to customer satisfaction and outstanding results. We supervise every step of the interior designing process. We build a solid and a long lasting working relationship with every client and supplier.


We stand out in a crowd as our home& office interior designing teamwork consists of a skilled work force, diligent, dedicated staff members and a reliable source of suppliers.

Our Main Services

  • Modular furniture cabin
  • Modular kitchen
  • Wardrobe
  • Kiosk
  • Pooja mandapam
  • Falceiling work (all types)
  • Electrical work (all types)
  • Plumbing work (all types)
  • Flooring(all types)
  • Painting works(all types)
  • Window dressing
  • Upholstery lining work
  • Furniture work (all types)
  • Bathroom design
  • Landscaping